Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is Drupal a complete Web Solution?

With the number of websites on the web increasing manifold every day, the competition has only grown fiercer and this is precisely the reason why a website needs to be extra robust, flexible, attractive and user friendly. Advanced technologies like content management systems have made it possible to attain such a website. A good content management system proves to be a complete web solution. Drupal is a well known CMS that offers a range of features and plethora of benefits to the users. This is why demand for Drupal development has increased a lot. A Drupal CMS design helps to achieve perfection in terms of quality design, functionality and visual appeal. So, is Drupal a complete web solution? Let us find out.

Drupal is a user friendly and flexible CMS that gives full control to the user and makes the task of editing, updating and maintaining a website much easier. It incorporates a lot of useful features in a website and enhances the overall performance to boost traffic volume, conversion rate, sales and search engine ranking. Here are some of the key features provided by Drupal development.
1. Easy to edit and update: It is very easy to edit or update a Drupal empowered website. It has the WYSIWYG editor which helps you to do all the tasks effectively. All the changes can be done quickly without any hassle.

2. Large number of modules: Drupal has numerous fantastic modules to offer. These modules help you to extend the functionality of the site in a desired manner. These modules also help in organizing and managing the content in an efficient manner.

3. SEO friendly: Drupal is a search engine friendly solution. It gives you an upper hand when it comes to controlling your URLs. It helps you in customizing the content in such a manner that makes your site gain better search engine visibility. It also ensures that search engine spiders are able to read the whole content.

4. Dynamic solution: Drupal is based on PHP. PHP is a programming language which is compatible with various operating systems and hence it enhances your website's performance and makes it more dynamic.

5. A big community: Drupal has a large developers' community that provides you with regular news, feeds, feedback, articles, polls, surveys, etc. Hence it ensures that you will never find yourself in a fix in case you are stuck with something , as the community provides solution to almost all problems.

6. Reliable and secure: Since Drupal has a big community, it ensures that Drupal is reliable and secure because extensive work is done in order to improve it further.

7. Revert back option: Just in case you do not like the new version, you can anytime revert back to the old version. Moreover, you can do that all by yourself and do not have to depend on a professional to do that for you. It just takes a few click to revert back to the old version.

From the above discussion it is evident that Drupal is very effective and quality solution that enhances the website's performance and boosts its ability to generate maximum profit in terms of traffic, sales and search engine ranking. It can be said that Drupal is a complete web solution. However, in order to derive maximum benefit out of Drupal it is imperative to ensure that Drupal development is done in a quality manner. Therefore, you should only hire professional and experienced Drupal developers. A professional Drupal developer can provide you with a perfect Drupal based website that would be highly professional, dynamic, interactive, user friendly and robust.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let’s talk about the two ways of Joomla Web Designing

In the present times of website designing and development, Joomla CMS has carved a niche for itself. It is a powerful open source content management system, widely used for developing complex large scale community websites. As an open source content management system and amazing and impeccable options for extensibility, Joomla has become one of the favorite content management systems for the web designers and developers.

Two broad ways of Joomla Web Designing –

Broadly speaking, the web designers and developers have two ways of developing the Joomla powered web application. These two ways are – getting a template based design and the next option is developing the website from the scratch with PSD to Joomla conversion.

Both of these options are discussed in detail below –

Using a template design – One of the resourceful features of Joomla development is that it has been grown owing to the vast community of the Joomla developers. The online Joomla community is one of the largest online communities for any open source content management system. The online community comprising of fervent Joomla developers provides them with a platform to share Joomla designs and extensions and support each other.
In order to design a website, one can choose from a plethora of Joomla themes and designs already available over internet. The same design can be obtained, either free of cost or at little premium charges (i.e. if you wish to have a premium website) and you can develop the website based on the same template / theme design.

The plus point of this option is that it relatively takes less of time and is more cost effective, as premium templates can be obtained, comparatively at a much lower rate than developing the website from the scratch.

However, the negative point is that a template design is developed according to the wishes and perception of the web designer / developer. It is not really a solution customized for your needs as an enterprise, and you would have to sacrifice and adjust your business needs, in order to fit into the template design.

Developing from the scratch i.e. PSD to Joomla conversion – To be really honest, this is the scientific and apt way of going about developing a Joomla powered website. Any business house is a unique identity and thus a template design is not fit enough to represent the individual aspects of the corporate entity.
Thus for a distinct and personalized solution, opt for PSD to Joomla conversion.
Understanding the process of PSD to Joomla conversion –

The process of PSD to Joomla conversion starts with you as a corporate house sending the PSD file to the web designer / developer.

A PSD file is photoshop design file, which allows the users to design a unique looking and impressive website. However, such files lack browser compatibility and do not provide any level of user navigation. In order to receive a browser compatible and dynamic website, PSD to Joomla conversion is must.

Before integrating the Joomla CMS into the website, first the PSD file is coded into the basic markup language, i.e. HTML. PSD to HTML conversion process begins with slicing the PSD file into various sections i.e. Header, Footer, Body, Navigation Menu etc. and there upon coding the same to reveal a web compatible, pixel perfect, and SEO semantic web application.

Once the PSD to HTML conversion has been carried out and the resulting markup has been tried and tested across various web browsers and is confirmed to have W3C validation and cross browser compatibility, the Joomla CMS is then integrated into the web site.

Thus not only does the PSD to Joomla conversion include all the important features, they also allow you to uniquely represent yourself in the virtual world. 

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Friday, January 6, 2012

WordPress Development Services by PixelCrayons

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Monday, January 2, 2012

How WordPress makes your Blogs more Successful?

When it comes to managing a blog, many people sometimes face problems with certain aspects of handling a blog. Fortunately, in today's technology dominated time, there is a solution to almost every problem. When it comes to blogging, nothing really beats the results provided by WordPress. WordPress is a very powerful blog network management solution that not only enhances the capability to manage the blog but it also lets you create, upload, edit and mange the content of your blog in a super easy and smooth manner. A WrodPress CMS web design can prove to be immensely beneficial for an online portal. This is why most of the website owners are opting for WordPress development.

WordPress can make your blogs more successful and can make things really easy for you. Consider a scenario where you have to urgently write a post and publish it quickly on your blog. Now doing it in a regular normal way would mean you will have to take care of a lot of things. But with WordPress, you can easily do that. With its one click log-in feature you can easily access any of your blogs' dashboards. It also lets you upload articles that you have stored in your hard drive. Moreover, you can do this for all your blogs and websites within your network.

Another great feature of WordPress that proves to be very beneficial for blogs is that it has the capacity to set up RSS feeds for all your posts. This feature makes things pretty simple for you especially when it comes to updating visitors on anything that you do in your blog. This lets you send promos of your business to your readers through the feed. This makes the entire blogging experience more meaningful not just for you but also for your visitors. And with that, great success for your blog is guaranteed.

WordPress has some really great features and a large number of plug-ins that further enhance the functionality of a blog. Mentioned below are some major benefits that WordPress provides.

  • It satisfies your readers: WordPress lets you publish articles easily and with this ability you can satisfy your readers by providing them with the meaningful and relevant content on time. You can also attract more visitors by making them look forward to more articles. This way you can establish your fan base and enhance your professional image.

  • It facilitates easier content distribution: With your blog or website's RSS feed, it makes it easier for your content to go out to people who subscribed to it. In fact, it acts as an indirect marketing method as it lets you reach out to potential readers through others who receive your content through feeds.

  • It requires less efforts: WordPress makes things pretty convenient to do everything for you so that you can just sit back and focus on other important aspects like content creation. You can use this time to check other things and spend your energy on getting your posts published even more.

Besides providing these great advantages that enhance your blog's functionality, WordPress also ensures that your blog functions at a great speed and without any glitches. It helps you carve out a niche for your blog in a competitive domain. With WordPress, you can achieve the desired targets for you blog and business. In order to ensure that you derive maximum advantages form WordPress, you should always hire professional and experienced  WordPress developers. A professional WordPress developer can make a lot of difference to your blog and can provide you with a cutting edge solution that will help you establish your blog easily.