Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is Drupal a complete Web Solution?

With the number of websites on the web increasing manifold every day, the competition has only grown fiercer and this is precisely the reason why a website needs to be extra robust, flexible, attractive and user friendly. Advanced technologies like content management systems have made it possible to attain such a website. A good content management system proves to be a complete web solution. Drupal is a well known CMS that offers a range of features and plethora of benefits to the users. This is why demand for Drupal development has increased a lot. A Drupal CMS design helps to achieve perfection in terms of quality design, functionality and visual appeal. So, is Drupal a complete web solution? Let us find out.

Drupal is a user friendly and flexible CMS that gives full control to the user and makes the task of editing, updating and maintaining a website much easier. It incorporates a lot of useful features in a website and enhances the overall performance to boost traffic volume, conversion rate, sales and search engine ranking. Here are some of the key features provided by Drupal development.
1. Easy to edit and update: It is very easy to edit or update a Drupal empowered website. It has the WYSIWYG editor which helps you to do all the tasks effectively. All the changes can be done quickly without any hassle.

2. Large number of modules: Drupal has numerous fantastic modules to offer. These modules help you to extend the functionality of the site in a desired manner. These modules also help in organizing and managing the content in an efficient manner.

3. SEO friendly: Drupal is a search engine friendly solution. It gives you an upper hand when it comes to controlling your URLs. It helps you in customizing the content in such a manner that makes your site gain better search engine visibility. It also ensures that search engine spiders are able to read the whole content.

4. Dynamic solution: Drupal is based on PHP. PHP is a programming language which is compatible with various operating systems and hence it enhances your website's performance and makes it more dynamic.

5. A big community: Drupal has a large developers' community that provides you with regular news, feeds, feedback, articles, polls, surveys, etc. Hence it ensures that you will never find yourself in a fix in case you are stuck with something , as the community provides solution to almost all problems.

6. Reliable and secure: Since Drupal has a big community, it ensures that Drupal is reliable and secure because extensive work is done in order to improve it further.

7. Revert back option: Just in case you do not like the new version, you can anytime revert back to the old version. Moreover, you can do that all by yourself and do not have to depend on a professional to do that for you. It just takes a few click to revert back to the old version.

From the above discussion it is evident that Drupal is very effective and quality solution that enhances the website's performance and boosts its ability to generate maximum profit in terms of traffic, sales and search engine ranking. It can be said that Drupal is a complete web solution. However, in order to derive maximum benefit out of Drupal it is imperative to ensure that Drupal development is done in a quality manner. Therefore, you should only hire professional and experienced Drupal developers. A professional Drupal developer can provide you with a perfect Drupal based website that would be highly professional, dynamic, interactive, user friendly and robust.

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