Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Image of Wordpress in comparison of other blogging platforms

In today's time, almost every one either has a blog or is planning to have one. Blogging provides us with an excellent medium of communicating with others. WordPress is a well known CMS web design solution and is highly preferred as a quality blogging platform. However, there are many other blogging platforms available. Read further to find out how WordPress development fares when compared to other blogging platforms.
Like most of the other blogging platforms, WordPress is also an open source technology and is free. When it comes to storage allowance, WordPress offers more than most of its competitors. It also provides you with the option to install it on your personal website which many other blogging platforms do not provide. By installing WordPress, you not only get the complete control but  you also get all the bandwidth your internet hosting plan allows.

Many blogging platforms allow only the hosting of image files. Whereas WordPress has another benefit over other platforms as it allows you to host not only images but also a variety of files including Microsoft  Power-point, Word documents, PDFs, videos etc. Being an open source solution, WordPress offers limitless flexibility. This is why it is a favorite among many bloggers. 

When it comes to appearance and widgets, WordPress allows you to customize them completely and lets you to create your own version of a quality blogging experience which you can offer to your visitors.

Now lets us talk about the benefits offered by WordPress. First and foremost, WordPress lets you house your blog on your own server. When it comes to themes, WordPress gives you access to different themes so that you can select and pick the layout you feel would be most appropriate for your website. It also provides you with the ability to change the theme if you feel like.

Next comes extensions and modules. Modules play a very important role in extending the functionality of a website. WordPress has a large number of modules to offer. One can use any module which one feels is suitable for enhancing the ability of a site. You can make your site more feature rich and highly functional by downloading and installing different modules offered by WordPress. Moreover, WordPress has a large community of WordPress developers. And they keep coming up with better solutions to improve the core features of WordPress. This community of developers also ensures that you do not have to seek professional help if and when the need arises. Almost every problem's solution is offered by the community of developers which have developers from across the world.
When it comes to cost, WordPress certainly scores over other blogging platforms. First of all, being an open source technology, it comes for free. All one need to second one is the modules. In fact, most of the modules are also available for free. But there are few for which you will have to shell out money. But that too is an investment as it helps in providing good long term results for a site.

From the above discussion it is evident that WordPress is a quality blogging platform which offers innumerable features and many benefits for a website. It guarantees a highly dynamic, interactive, and a user friendly website. And it offers a lot more in terms of profit when compared to other blogging platforms. You should always hire a professional, reliable and a credible WordPress developer for your website development. It will ensure that you get a cutting edge blog with all the requisite features and a visually appealing interface and layout.

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